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A Journey of Exquisite Taste..

Exquisite recipes of world and Anatolian cuisine will take you on a wonderful taste journey, while the endless blue of the sea will witness you.

In our hotel with the concept of "Ultra All Inclusive", in addition to our rich open buffet restaurant, it will make dining a pleasure in our 3 different A'la Carte restaurants with the theme of Italian, Seafood and Turkish Cuisine, which bring you tastes from different cuisines of the world;

You will spend a pleasant day with your loved ones in our different and modern bars, where local and foreign, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails are served.

We are waiting for you to add taste to your stay in our stylish restaurants and bars, each of which has been designed with its own unique style!

Unlimited Feast of Taste
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+90 530 917 68 18
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